Nõberu Synthetic Shaving Brush

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Synthetic shaving brush.

Main benefits:

  • Good and quick absorbency;
  • Lifts the hair and removes dead skin cells;
  • Easy and comfortable to use.

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Shaving brush  made of synthetic hair specially developed to mimic the characteristics of the hair from the badger. The Synthetic Shaving Brush brush has good absorbency and can lightly whisk up a nice lather. The brush lifts the hairs so you get closer to the skin, it also removes dead skin cells so you get a more comfortable shave. The shaving brush has a comfortable weight and feels good in your hand, making it the ideal accessory for the perfect shave. When the brush is wet, be sure to place the brush standing with the hairs down for a longer life.


  • Good and quick absorbency
  • Lifts the hair and removes dead skin cells
  • Easy and comfortable to use


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